SPCWC: Polish CW Group

Click above to go to the official club site which is written in Polish, English, and German. It contains the list of members, too. The text below is taken from this site.

Motto: "Everybody can talk but CW is an art"

Polish CW Group SP-CW-C Rules

  1. SP-CW-C is a special club of the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) assembling Ham Operators and Short Wave Listeners especially interested in telegraphy (CW).
  2. Membership in SP-CW-C is open for any OP (or SWL) who submits proof of:
    (a) 3 SP-CW-C members worked in CW, or
    (b) 300 stations worked in CW during last year.
  3. The application should contain a list of all required QSOs confirmed by two licensed OM or the local amateur radio club.
  4. The membership is confirmed by a special certificate of which the cost (equal to 3 USD) is covered by the applicant.
  5. The membership is for lifetime. There are no additional fees.
  6. A member of international CW organizations can become a SP-CW-C member just by sending an application, there are no further requirements.
  7. In accordance to p.2, SWL prove to have heard 3 SP-CW-C members, or 300 CW stations during last year.
  8. All members can use the club logo, the members' distinctive sign. It should be exposed on QSL cards.
  9. The club is directed by its own president, appointed and dismissed by PZK (Polish Amateur Radio Union) president.
  10. Payments and applications should be sent to:
SP-CW-C, P.O. Box 18, 82-312 Elblag-13, Poland.
E-mail:...qtc (at-symbol) post.pl...

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