HTC: Helvetia Telegraphy Club

This is a Swiss club for friends of CW . We put the stations HB9HC and HB9HTC on the air regularly.

Special events:

*  Morse Code training broadcasts:
Every Monday (except July and August), 19.00 UTC, 3.576, 45 - 140 cpm, duration 30 minutes. Afterwards short confirmation net for casual contacts at any speed.

*  HQX Morsetrainer -- a free program developed by HB9HQX to assist in learning Morse Code. Download from the HTC website.

*  Morse Code certificates and lapel pins -- with the HQX program, in the comfort of your own home you can take an exam at the speeds 80 - 100 - 120 cpm. If you pass, submit your test file via e-mail -- and for a small charge you can receive a certificate and/or lapel pin showing your proficiency at those speeds.

*  National Mountain Day -- our "signature" contest -- 3rd Sunday in July, 06.00 - 09.59 UTC, 80 meters, CW only. Location must be in Switzerland, at least 800m ASL (QTH must be registered in advance of the contest), maximum total weight (rig, batteries, antenna, etc.) 6 kg, exchange includes a unique 15-character code word for each QSO. A prize is also awarded to the home station (including those outside Switzerland) with the most NMD QSOs.

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