Thanks to all the participants. As usual, we underline that this is not a contest. Our criterion to support this claim is that the qsos in this event do not follow any special format. They are normal qsos just as any other qso on the air. As host of this event I know that many if not most of the qsos of our participants are with qso partners that do not send in a log.


What makes this event special is the speed. By speed we mean effective speed. All qsos must be 14 WpM or slower. In fact a real-life newcomer should be served by 10 WpM rather than 14 WpM. Personally I would not recommend to send any symbol over the air at less than 12 WpM. If this is too fast, it is better to increase the spacing between symbols (Farnsworth method). We do not know whether or not the Reverse beacon system takes Farnsworth speeds into the account, nevertheless, the Reverse beacon system is an important source of information in this exercise.

Is there a winner?

Of course, all those who rely on slow speeds on the air are the real winners.

Who is the best operator?

Since the real newcomers usually do not send in logs we rely on the pool of experienced operator. We do have our MRM award and the participants vote for the best operator. Of course, the reasons why we vote for the best operators are manifold. Our decision may depend on the beauty of the fist and of the social networks we are a part of. The winners of past years were all fine operators and we continue with the good MRM tradition. However, this year I would also like to underline the fact that this event stands and falls with the CQ CALLERS. Newcomers are shy when it comes to cq calling, they fear that somebody could come back with light speed. One of or comments identifies this problem in very clear words. While the analysis of RBN data may be controversial in some cases but all agree that they detect CQ calls very well. This is why I would like to give a special thanks to those who had the patience to call a lot of CQ.

Special class of CQ callers

These stations have more then 100 Reverse beacon counts during the QRS Week in Europe.

   # C/S             234 RY3AAA          125 HB9LAG/QRP
1116 G0EML           204 RW3AI           123 IZ1FCF
 779 SM3DBU          202 IW9HKM          122 M1EDF
 729 ON3BM           190 OH7QR           122 EA5UM
 711 DJ1DD           189 S58Q            118 ON3RSK
 598 DJ6UX           188 M6HGT           117 2E0JCY
 468 OE3KAB          187 HB9AXG          114 IZ7AVY
 454 IK1PJL          186 OK1AJZ          113 G0POT
 374 DJ3GS           177 G3ASG           112 SM4CJY
 371 F8APH           174 IK3TYB          112 F8WBD
 307 DL1DXL          174 DL1SXB          110 OH3GE
 306 DK2QX           167 G4SMN           109 SP5QWO
 278 G4LNA           157 HB90IARU        109 DL4AH
 277 IZ4GSC          150 DF7ZB           108 UY3IK
 272 DG3BCZ          142 HA5AEK/P        108 G0NXY
 258 G4KLE           141 LA1FX           107 HB9BWY
 249 PA0EHA          138 DK5KE           105 IK1LJG
 239 G0EKP           134 GM4NNC          104 TM4JD

The SPECIAL CQ COUNT AWARDs go to G0EML as best participant in the A (100W) category and to DJ6UX as best participant in the B (qrp) category.

Official result class A

This class was more active than usual.

QSO Pnts c/s     Club    Award
12  12.0 2E0EML  FISTS 
12  12.0 2E0JCY  FISTS 
15   6.0 DF9EU   nm    
16  16.0 DK5KE   EHSC  
27  27.0 DL1DXL  AGCW  
30  30.0 DL1HBL  AGCW  
42  42.0 DL2FCA  AGCW  
06   5.6 F/M0ZSM FISTS 
96  92.0 G0EML   FISTS   15A1
40  39.6 G0ILN   FISTS 
15  15.0 G0POT   FISTS 
01   1.0 G3ZOD   FISTS 
64  63.4 G4KLE   FISTS   15A3
73  71.8 G4LHI   FISTS   15A2 
16  15.6 G7AGI   nm    
46  46.0 M0DRK   FISTS 
15  15.0 M5ABN   FISTS 
30  30.0 OE3KAB  OECWG 
24  24.0 OE6GWG  OECWG 
38  37.8 OH7QR   FISTS 
16  15.6 ON5BIP  nm    
Checklog: IK2RMZ AGCW

Official result class B

40  39.8 2E0DPH  FISTS   15B2
44  43.8 DJ6UX   AGCW    15B1  
24  24.0 DK5OE   AGCW  
37  37.0 G3JFS   FISTS   15B3
09   9.0 RW3AI   RUQRP 

Official result class C

Good to see that SWLing is still alive. The high score is due to the different counting system. We do not count QSOs but the total number of details copied by the SWL.

Cl  Cfmd
107  107  DE5JLN  AGCW   15C3

Official result class EUCW Clubs

This is without suprise, for several years in a row FISTS remains unbeaten. This year half of all logs were from FISTS. Don't we have more clubs in the EUCW?

452 AGCW
 17 EHSC
611 FISTS                15E1

Official result class MRM

This is not a one man one vote system. It is a one qso one vote system. Those who have more qsos contact more stations and their opinion is more important than those who have heard only a few op.

G0EML  248               15M1
OH7QR  225
2E0EML 193
M5ABN  178
2E0DPH 134
G4LHI  132
DK5OE  120
M0DRK  104


We have a triple award winner: Ray, G0EML, from the county of Shropshire. Congratulations to him and all other award winners and participants.

Lessons learned

To my delight most active participants were using the FISTS Log converter. These logs were almost always absolutely perfect. This means that I can calculate MRM points and club scores without editing anything. A big thanks to Graham, G3ZOD, for his ongoing software support. I learned the following from him:


First from the e-logs:

Work still getting in the way, giving me hardly anytime for this activity, I hope it has been well supported again. 73 Phil


A bit of a mixed entry. QRP where I could but when the going got tough I upped the power. I really thought this year that I was helping new or returning CW operators. Most satisfying. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Richard


I was mostly QRP but turned up the power for three QSOs to 20W to make reception easier for the other Op. It was great to hear so much QRS cw and to see so many Ops calling at 10 - 14wpm on RBN. I was disappointed how often my 12-13wpm call received a 16-18wpm response... some Ops just don't seem to be able to turn down the speed. I'd like to highlight F/M0ZSM who only had his first CW QSO in the week before for braving it and venturing onto the air...he was really chuffed with the QRS Ops. Michael


During the week I made lots of cq calls on the qrs and qrp frequencies but had few replies and worked very few EUCW QRS participants. Although conditions were generally poor I was reported many times on the RBN so the problem was low activity at the times I was on. Incidentally, I do not know how the RBN measures speed but no matter how slowly I tried to send it always told me I was sending at 15+ wpm. Maybe it does not recognise Farnsworth spacing which is the only sensible way to send morse below about 15 wpm.


A Great 2015 QRS Week, had great fun working some very good slow CW Op's, It is nice to slow your Fist CW down once in a while to help others and improve your own CW... Thank you for the Event. Merv


I enjoyed this event as usual, but was very disappointed with the lack of activity from some Fists Members & other EUCW Clubs that were always so active on this event in past years. It must be very disappointing for those who organize this & other CW events, that there seems to be a lack of interest. WHY? Peter


Very pleased to have you in my log this year. Had some great QSOs and met some very new to me operators. As you can see, some operators liked QSOs every day and on more than one band, hi. A most enjoyable five days of cw. Look forward to next EUQRS WEEK, thank you for your hard work in running this event and hope that you have many logs to check this year. Take care Martin and 73 for now, Derek


unfortunately could not participate on Wed, Thurs and Fri. Thanks much for organising the QRS week. Very useful and enjoyable


Hat mir viel Spass gemacht, freue mich schon auf das nächste Jahr!


Die Teilnahme war gering, Die meisten QSOs sind mit Stationen, die an der Aktivität nicht teilgenommen haben, HI. Vielen Dank und ich hoffe AWDH. 73 Erkki

Last but not least an excerpt of the paper logs:


some very nice qrs operating this year but of course you have stations calling you at a very fast speed who were not in the EUCW QRS party pushing you. Lots of stations just calling over you cause they think if you're QRS you can't do CW very well.


As a newly licensed operator (1 yr) and a very new CW op I found the EUCW QRS week extremely worthwhile ans had helped greatly in improving my confidence and ability to make accurate copy. Listening to qrs transmissions I felt as important as attempting qsos. The week was so useful that I feel that many more of them should be scheduled throughout the year and therefore may encourage more people to take the plunge into Morse as it did for me. So in summary: Thanks for the opportunity to commence my cw adventures and make a plea for MORE OF THE SAME please. Best 73, Steve

Excellent finish Steve. At last we hear an encouragement of one of those whom we really want to reach with the QRS week.

73 de QRS-W admin

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