Results Class A
                   QSOs      Pts     Club
     1 MI0OIM        95     92.8       NM   * Award winner
     2 RW3AI         88     86.0    RUQRP   * Award winner
     3 G4LHI         85     84.2    FISTS   * Award winner
     4 G0EML         74     67.6    FISTS
     5 G0ILN         46     44.4    FISTS
     6 OH7QR         36     36.0     AGCW
     7 M0DRK         34     33.8    FISTS
     8 OH5FNI        36     27.4    FISTS
     9 DL2FCA        32     31.8     AGCW
    10 DL8CO         23     22.6     AGCW
    11 DL1AH         16     16.0     AGCW
    12 OE6GWG        15     15.0    OECWG
    13 SV0XBN        13     13.0    FISTS
    14 PA3AFF         8      8.0    FISTS
    15 DL1DXL         8      7.8     AGCW
    16 G3ZOD          5      5.0    FISTS
    17 DN2ZVA         3      2.8       NM
    18 DL1RIO         3      2.8       NM
    19 HB9DEO         2      2.0      HTC
     - IK2RMZ         CHECKLOG       AGCW    

Results Class B
                   QSOs      Pts     Club
     1 DJ6UX         62     62.0     AGCW   * Award winner
     2 UA3AO         54     49.2    RUQRP   * Award winner
     3 2E0DPH        43     42.6    FISTS   * Award winner
     4 DB5DU         20     19.4       NM
     5 DL0AGC        19     19.0     AGCW
     6 EB5ABT         9      8.6       NM
     7 UU7JF          8      7.4    RUQRP
     8 HB9EWO         7      7.0      HTC

Class C (SWL): no entries

Class MRM (Most Readable Morse)

Congrats to Val, RW3AI.
The participants who voted for him have worked a
total of 287 qsos.

Other participants with high scores:
221:G0EML, 220:OH7QR, 128:M0DRK, 119:2E0DPH, 110:MI0OIM

Class EuCW Clubs

   343 FISTS   * Award Winner
   339 AGCW
   180 RUQRP
    14 OECWG
    13 HTC

Check the 2012 results to understand how the points were assigned.

Congratulations to the FISTS team:

Excerpts from the soap box:

SV0XBN/9: I am sorry that I was limited to 20m only and
could only spend a short time on the band. It was good to
work some new operators.

G4LHI: I really do enjoy this event & being able to work on
as many bands as possible, especially with the local guys,
it´s very good practice & also ensures that the different
antennae work properly now & again, it certainly makes a
nice change from the usual bands we work on.  It is also
nice to be able to have good old fashioned rag chews &
catch up with old & new friends. I must say, I am afraid,
the event did not seem to be as well populated as other

G0ILN: ... which I thoroughly enjoyed.

DJ6UX: Ohne SOCWA haette das dieses Jahr aber traurig
ausgesehen.  Besonders enttaeuschend ist die praktisch
nicht vorhandene Unterstuetzung durch AGCW-Mitglieder. Oder
meiden die einfach nur das Hotband?

DL2FCA: Leider sind es nur 32 QSOs geworden, dennoch bin
ich froh, dass ich überhaupt dabei sein konnte...

2E0DPH: I found activity quite limited, perhaps it was the
fact that I only had limited time when I was able to take
part, I hope you have still  had good support for the EuCW
QRS activity week.

OE6GWG: Leider konnte ich heuer nicht an der EuCW
Fraternizing CW Party teilnehmen da zu dieser Zeit in Laa
an der Thaya eine Funkausstellung stattfand und ich am
Stand der OECWG Werbung für die Betriebsart CW machte.

IK2RMZ: Believe it or not, this was the most successful
QRSW ever, at least the number of incoming logs reached
a record high. However, this is not a measure for success.
The highlight for me was that one of the participants
told me it was his very first CW qso in a life time.

Another element which matters is how many QRS stations are
actually heard during the QRSW.
A nice tool to measure this is the Reverse Beacon Network. It is
a network of receivers scanning the CW bands for CQ calls.

Congratulations to the holders of high RBN counts, these op did 
really call CQ patiently.

RBN  Call
2497 MI0OIM
2109 RW3AI
1204 IK2RMZ
 793 DJ6UX
 657 G0EML
 348 DL2FCA
 297 DL8CO
 282 UA3AO
 192 UU7JF
 159 OH7QR
 142 OH5FNI
 123 EB5ABT
 112 OE6GWG
 103 DL1DXL
  86 DB5DU
  85 PA3AFF
  72 SV0XBN/9
  67 DL1AH
  62 G3ZOD
  37 G0ILN
  30 HB9DEO
  20 G4LHI
  17 M0DRK
   7 DN2ZVA
   6 DL0AGC
   3 2E0DPH

Thanks to all participants and hope to see you again.
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