Results Class A (over 5W RF)

Call        QSOs      Pts     Club
G4LHI        100     99.2    FISTS   Award Winner
RD9CX         95     93.0    RUQRP   Award Winner
G0EML         76     73.2    FISTS   Award Winner
RW3AI         60     59.4    RUQRP
OH5FNI        48     42.8    FISTS
M0DRK         37     36.8    FISTS
OG9R          35     35.0     AGCW
ON6NA         25     24.0     BQRP
2E0JCY        21     20.2    FISTS
OE3KAB        20     19.8    OECWG
HB9DEO        15     14.6      HTC
G0ILN         14     13.4    FISTS
DF2ZY         11     11.0     AGCW
G3ZOD         10     10.0    FISTS
DL1DXL         9      8.8     AGCW
DL1AH          3      3.0     AGCW
HB9EWO         2      2.0      HTC
IK2RMZ        82    CKLOG     AGCW

Results Class B (up to 5W RF)

Call        QSOs      Pts     Club
DK3UZ         57     57.0     AGCW   Award Winner
2E0DPH        44     43.2    FISTS   Award Winner
G0OTT         24     24.0     GQRP   Award Winner
PA3AFF         8      7.2     BQRP
UU7JF          2      2.0    RUQRP

Results Class C-SWL:  No entrants.

Results Club Championship

Pts Club
382 FISTS   Award Winner (PDF award to ECM@FISTS)
240 AGCW
 42 GQRP
 39 BQRP
 17 HTC

Results Most Readable Morse (MRM)

Pts Call
374 OG9R (op OH7QR) Winner of the MRM award
194 2E0DPH
132 G3ZOD
100 M0DRK
 95 G4LHI
 85 G0EML
 82 DK3UZ
 60 2E0JCY
 46 RW3AI
 37 G0OTT
 35 OE3KAB
 20 DL1AH
 15 DL1DXL
Many more received votes which got lost because
the nominees did not send in a log.

Scoring Procedures:

QSO Points: The calculation of the QSO score was done as follows:
A QSO is considered to have 4 basic elements: Call, RST, Name, QTH. A good
call is worth 0.4 points, the other elements are worth 0.2 points. 
Missing, miscopied, or misspelled element lead to a minor reduction
of the score. The idea behind this is that an error free QSO is worth
more than a QSO with errors but that a QSO with errors is still worth
a lot more than no QSO at all.
The exchange of club names and club numbers or other info is not
relevant since it is trivial to look up these data and because double
membership may cause confusion. Additional info could create credit
for SWLs though, and some ops did faithfully repeat all data.

Penalties: No penalties were given. A small numbers of dupes
were just subtracted. 

Club Scores: Each class winner has been assigned a percentage value
of 100. The other participants were assigned lower percentages
according to their QSO numbers compared to the winners' QSO
numbers. These percentage points were simply added on a per club
basis. This gives QRP clubs a fair chance to get good results and
fosters SWLing.

Most Readable Morse scores: Each nominee receives a score according
to the QSO number of the participants who nominated him. This gives
more weight to those who have run many QSOs which is fair enough
because they have a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. These
nominations are subjective, of course. 
Please keep in mind that the use of elbugs is allowed. A correct
elbug CW is a good as can be, so please don't consider the closeness
to a computer fist to be the one and only criterion. This is not
a comparison of CW hand writings. If you want that, try the EuCW
Straight Key Day in June. Instead, choose nominees who are friendly,
patient, helpful to beginners, or who are able to have an interesting
talk and who are responsive to questions, or who show ham spirit
otherwise. It's rather a general beauty contest and you decide what
is beautiful. Some just voted for their friends and there is nothing
wrong with it. It's always good to have friends.
Some friends did even take the time to boost the scores of their
friends by band hopping. One participant mad 18 QSOs with the same
station distributed over five days and five different bands.


Awards: I ask award winners whether they prefer an electronic award
or a paper award. The tradition imposes that the three best scores
win an award and that there is a single MRM award for the highest
ranking call who sent in a log.  To be eligible for an award I set
a threshold of an average of 3 QSOs per day in B-QRP and 5 QSOs
per day in the A-QRO and SWL classes.

Soapbox (in chronological order):

M0DRK: thanks for this enjoyable activity

G3ZOD: not that many QSOs, but they were very enjoyable - quality
not quantity!

G4LHI: I thoroughly enjoyed it as always & a pleasure to meet up with old
& new friends again during the week, Its so nice to have good friendly CW
chats, with none of this 599/73 & away  contest events, which I detest,
mostly PC to PC QSO's anyway hi.

PA3AFF: Was only QRV on 40m for short time.

G0OTT: My key for the week was my Kent brass pounder.  I was active after
work in the evening and enjoyed my time with the activity, spending most
of my time calling around the Fists and QRP frequencies, much qrm from
digital at 7.035, did manage a few qso's.  Must be upsetting for new
comers to be returned by 25+ wpm when calling QRS, this happened a few
times during the week!  It was my first time active during this event,
look forward to next year.

HB9DEO: Die QRS-Woche machte mir viel Spass. Dank der "Frequency Activity
Centers" konnte ich wirklich QRS-Qsos fahren. Man konnte sich finden
wie nie zuvor. Die meisten Ops hatten Zeit fuer ein gemuetliches QSO.

UU7JF: Sorry, no match time for air working, but some two way straight
key qso was made

2E0DPH: I must say that I enjoyed the event very much even though work
commitments prevented me from giving it the full attention I would
have liked.

G0ILN: I thought to enter the EuCW QRS would be a good way to get back
to amateur radio. I really enjoyed my contacts and was surprised how
easily the qso format came back to me.  My sending was in a lot of
cases automatic just like driving your car to work and not remembering
the journey!

Personal remarks:

IK2RMZ: I was active in the QRS week but I declared my log a checklog
and I am not eligible to receive MRM points. However, I added my QSO
number to the CW club of my choice and I voted in the MRM. 
My votes went to one who showed so much ham spirit to copy the 
handwritten log of a friend to a PC, and to the one who had the highest
count of Reverse Beacon Spots - that's the one who spent most time
waiting for QRS QSOs I suppose. 
My wish for the future: Come back next year, please. It was fun.
Next time, please include both RSTs... :-)
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