Objectives and Constitution


The objective of EuCW is to form an association of independent European amateur radio CW clubs. Using the Association as a platform, member-clubs may exchange ideas and information, arrange various activities involving mutual participation, and generally co-operate for the benefit of amateur radio CW operation.



Name and purpose of the Association

Sec.1. The Association is known as "THE EUROPEAN CW ASSOCIATION" (EuCW).
Sec.2. The purpose of the Association is: By the co-operation of member-clubs, to create support and encouragement for amateur radio CW activity and to defend such activity when it is threatened in any way.



Sec.1. Membership of the Association consists of those clubs who have signed the certificate of co-operation.
Sec.2. Any amateur radio CW club submitting satisfactory evidence of having 100 or more licensed individual members may apply for Full (voting) membership of EuCW. Any amateur radio club submitting satisfactory evidence of having 5 to 99 licensed individual members may apply for Restricted, (non-voting) membership of EuCW. Such applications will be approved provided none of the member-club raise any objection.
Sec.3. There is no membership fee.
Sec.4. Any member-club may withdraw from the Association by submitting a written statement of resignation.
Sec.5. Any member-club consistently failing to support EuCW activities and failing to give satisfactory reassurances to the Chairman concerning future support shall normally, after a period of two years of such lack of support, be excluded from membership of EuCW. It is the responsibility of the Chairman to report the circumstances to the Association, via the EuCW Bulletin, and to recommend termination of membership if this seem appropriate.

Government and Representation

Sec.1. The Association is self-governing. Every three years one member-club having Full membership of the Association shall nominate the "EuCW Chairman". Such clubs shall take it in turn to nominate the Chairman in accordance with the sequence of the following list. When a member-club is unable to nominate a Chairman at the appropriate time the retiring Chairman has responsibility to seek nominations from other member-clubs and to hold an election among Full member-clubs if more than one valid nomination is received.
LIST; SCAG; AGCW-DL; G-QRP; HSC, VHSC, BENELUX-QRP; INORC; HCC; BTC; UFT; SHSC; FISTS; FOC. New member-clubs are to be added to the end of this list as they become Full members of the Association.
Sec.2. Each member-club is represented within the Association by an appointed "EuCW Communications Manager" (ECM) who must have a knowledge of the English language.
Sec.3. The EuCW is officially represented by the "EuCW Chairman". The term of office of the EuCW Chairman is 3 years.
Sec.4. Member-clubs may use the official emblem of the Association.


Communication and Information

Sec.1. The official language for all communications within EuCW is the English language.
Sec.2. The Chairman shall send an EuCW Bulletin to all ECMs once every three months containing news and information of EuCW interest.
Sec.3. Each ECM is required to keep all other ECMs informed concerning matters of EuCW interest, normally via the Chairman and the EuCW Bulletin, but by direct communication when there is insufficient time to circulate important information by normal means.
Sec.4. ECMs are responsible for promoting awareness and support of EuCW activities within the membership of their own clubs and encouraging co-operation between their own clubs and other EuCW member-clubs. They are also responsible for publicising EuCW activities in the national amateur radio magazines in their own countries.



Sec1. Amendments to this Constitution may be initiated by any Full member-club, through its ECM, or by the EuCW Chairman. Such amendments require the approval of at least two thirds of the Full member-clubs, expressed through their representatives (ECM's), for their enactment.


Draft revision of Objectives and Constitution. Revised November 1994.

Note: See History file for a complete listing of EuCW clubs ordered by entry date

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